Nature provides a wonderful bounty of edible flowers, leaves and stalks.There is so much in gardens that can be eaten, added to a lovely summer cocktail or used for cake decorations.

Packaged labelled “edible flowers “are available at Farmers markets ,online ,in select supermarkets and exclusive stores such as Harrods . Michelin-starred eateries are offering drinks and dishes all floral and plant inspired.

** Avoid using any chemicals and double check the flower is edible before consumption**

**. Pollen Allergies, an idea to avoid eating edible flowers **

Marigold(Calendular officinalis ) The flowers if powdered down make an excellent and cheaper “saffron”. Soups ,Salads Pastas Rice can be jazzed up with a sprinkling of marigold petals .

Cornflowers are so versatile and great in sweet and or savoury dishes.

Dandelion “The humble weed “ that is so quick to be removed but STOP!!

It is a SUPERFOOD in so many ways.

Every part of it is edible.( ** Only harvest from ares that has NOT been treated with any chemical of any description **) **advisable to consult before-hand with GP if you have gall-bladder conditions and gallstones **

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